Kroeplin D220 Mechanical External Measuring Gauge, Range 0-20mm

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Type: D
Display unit (mm/inch): mm
Application: External measurement
Measuring span Mes: 20 mm
Measuring range Meb: 0-20 mm
Range of indication Azb: 0-20.5 mm
Scale interval Skw: 0.01 mm
Maximum permissible errors G: 0.03 mm
Repeatability limit r: 0.01 mm
Measuring force F minimum: 1.1 N
Measuring force F maximum: 1.6 N
Type of measuring contact movable: HM-Ball 1.5 mm
Measuring contact movable Hb: 24.7 mm
Type of measuring contact fixed: HM-Ball 1.5 mm
Measuring contact fixed Hf: 24.6 mm
Measuring contact thickness maximum: ? 4 mm
Measuring depth maximum L: 85 mm
Weight: 210 g
Reference temperature: 20 °C
Operating temperature: 10 to 30 °C
Storage temperature: -10?to 50 °C
Protection class: IP65


Wooden box: Order no. 1732-45
Holding unit: Order no. 8004-50

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Weight 300 kg