Fluke 803293 11A/1000V Fuse

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  • 11A/1000V fuse for Fluke digital multimeters
  • High-energy, fast-release fuse designed to measure current
  • Sand-filled to reduce the risk of breakage during current overloads

This high-energy fuse is designed to protect a user from electric shock and burns. It does this by keeping the energy generated by an electrical short within the fuse enclosure. The fuse is built to limit the length of time the energy is applied and the amount of oxygen available for combustion.?The fuse is filled with sand to stop an electrical short. The sand will not only help absorb the shock energy created by the current overload but also help with the high temperatures generated (up to 10000?F). The energy will melt the sand and turn it into the glass, helping smother a potential fireball by cutting off the available oxygen, further protecting the user.


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